“Male pcelice” received three large greenhouses for vegetable production

On Friday, 31 March, 2017, Help officially handed over three large greenhouses for vegetable production, water tank and additional equipment to the Institution for adult’ social care “Male pcelice” Kragujevac. The equipment worth 20.000,00 EUR was donated to the Institution within the Help project supported by the German Government “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” component Rehabilitation of beneficiaries in the Institution through occupational therapy. The occupational therapy focuses on adapting the environment, modifying the task, teaching the skills and educating the beneficiaries thus increasing their overall participation and performance in their daily activities.

Inside the Institution “Male pcelice”, with over 900 beneficiaries and around 300 employees, on 17 hectares of arable land a variety of vegetables are planted and harvested for the use of the Institution and the beneficiaries. Donated equipment contributes to the self-sustainability of the Institution increasing the production range (in variety and quantity), and indirectly affects the rehabilitation process of the beneficiaries. They will be able to increase their skills for everyday activities performance through occupational therapy based on environment adapting, modifying tasks and learning. In addition the Institution will be supported with the trainings tailored to suit the needs of the employees and beneficiaries.