Cross-border verification of Regional Housing Programme beneficiaries

On the 21st October a training of the field teams for the selection of beneficiaries (the cross-border beneficiary data verification) was held in Belgrade, organized by the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration.
The training was opened by the SCRM Ms. Draga Trninic and the representative of the OSCE Ms. Ruzica Banda, followed by the presentation held by Ms. Nermina Dzepar-Ganibegovic from the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH. Help representative Ranko Bruic held a presentation briefing the field team members on filling in the forms, control mechanisms and evaluations to be used in the verification process of the RHP beneficiaries during the field visits. The goal of the one-day training was to provide the field team members with the methodology of beneficiaries’ selection and verification procedures, before the field visits, through presentations, briefings, discussions and experience exchange.
The Regional Housing Programme (RHP) is a joint multi – annual programme aimed at providing durable housing solutions to some 27,000 most vulnerable refugee families in the region (74,000 persons) out of whom 16,780 are residing in Seria (some 45,000 persons). The RHP in the Republic of Serbia is supported by OEBS and UNHCR and financed by the EU.