Emergency aid for refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia and Greece

Duration: February 2015 – January 2017
Donor: German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Budget (component in Serbia): 1.320.025,00 EUR
Region: Republic of Serbia – Belgrade, Bogovadja, Pirot, Presevo, Sid, Subotica

To ensure adequate living conditions by meeting the food and hygiene needs of refugees / asylum seekers in Serbia and strengthen the capacity of the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and Serbian Red Cross.

In close cooperation with the Serbian Red Cross, distribution of dry food and hygiene parcels to refugees/asylum seekers in Belgrade, Sid (West Serbian border to Croatia) and Subotica (North Serbian border to Hungary) has been organized. In addition, daily deliveries of fresh fruits to the refugees/migrants strained on the no-man’s-land between Serbia and Hungary have been initiated through the local partner Humanitarian Centre for Integration and Tolerance during July/August 2016. In order to assist Red Cross in preparation of cooked meals for refugees /asylum seekers stranded in Serbia for a longer period of time distribution of fresh food has been organized. Moreover, facility of the Red Cross in Presevo (South Serbian border to Macedonia) is equipped with the professional kitchen equipment for the preparation of approx. 500 cooked meals per day. Technical capacity of the Red Cross of Serbia has been significantly improved through the donation of 6 vehicles within the project. Based on the identified needs for additional labour, 24 translators, social workers or assistants were employed during February/March 2016 in support of Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and Red Cross of Serbia. Additional assistance is provided to Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration through enhancement of the living conditions of the official asylum and reception/transit centres in Serbia. Asylum centre – Bogovadja refurbished and additional needed equipment procured for migrant centres.

Expected outputs:
O1 – Up to 100,000 individual food parcels, 90,000 hygiene parcels and 200,000 cooked meals distributed.
O2 – technical capacity of Serbian Red Cross and Commissariat improved, additional labour engaged, 6 vehicles procured and 1 professional kitchen distributed.
O3 – 1 asylum centre rehabilitated and 3 asylum/transit centres equipped by the end of the project.
Results achived in 2016:
  • 93.690 basic food parcels distributed during 2016 in Sid Reception Centres for Migrants
  • 95.772 basic hygiene parcels distributed during 2016 in Belgrade and Sid Reception Centre for Migrants
  • 24 translators, administrative support paid and seconded to Commissariat for Refugees and Migration (for two months during February / March 2016)
  • 6 used vehicles procured and delivered to Red Cross of Serbia
  • professional kitchen equipment procured, delivered and installed for Red Cross Presevo
  • heating system equipment for Reception Centre for Migrants in Pirot city procured, delivered and installed
  • fresh food delivered for the preparation of 89,670 cooked meals prepared by the 20 December 2016 in Asylum Centre in Bogovadja, 121,149 ready meals delivered by the 20 December in 3 Reception Centres in Sid municipality (Adasevci, Stanica and Principovac), 2,190 baby meals prepared in Asylum center in Bogovadja and Belgrade (Krnjaca) from the baby milk distributed, fresh fruit distributed to Subotica center: 1,157.50 kg of oranges, 5,070.40kg of bananas, 4,220 kg of canned dates, 12,020 croissants and 30,090 biscuits procured and delivered to Asylum center Belgrade (Krnjaca) and 3 Reception Centres in Sid municipality (Adasevci, Stanica and Principovac)
  • hygiene items for 2,000 persons in Reception Centres in Sid and Belgrade delivered
  • Rehabilitation of Asylum Center Bogovadja, facility in ownership of Red Cross Belgrade

Funds allocation until 20 December 2016:
Total amount spent by 20 December 2016
Food parcels € 248,737.21
Hygiene parcels € 260,124.50
Employment of add. staff for Commissariat € 29,056.37
Vehicles for Red Cross Serbia € 48,160.61
Kitchen equipment for Red Cross Presevo € 25,471.67
Heating system equipment € 29,848.24
Food for cooked meals/ ready meals/ fruits / biscuits € 263,113.81
Rehabilitation of facilities for reception of migrants and asylum seekers € 100,211.10
Total per project: € 1,004,723.5