Employment through on-the-job-training

On 2nd November, in Kraljevo 13 contracts were awarded for employers to hire young unemployed high school graduates up to 21 years of age, within the Help pilot activity Increasing youth employability through vocational on-the-job-training in the project “Poverty reduction and enhancement of employment opportunities of marginalized and vulnerable population groups with focus on Roma women in Serbia”, financed by Sida. The contracts to the employers were handed in by the Kraljevo Mayor Dr. Predrag Terzic and Help Project Coordinator Anna Molnar. Contracts delivery was followed by the round-table like discussion about the youth (un)employment between the local stakeholders from the National Employment Branch Office, Regional Development Agency, secondary vocational schools, local self-government and the youth.

The goal of this pilot project activity is knowledge and skills improvement of youth and unemployed, labour market access facilitation and employment opportunities enhancement. Hence the vocational trainings and on-the-job practice was organized for 20 trainees by Help in cooperation with the NES Branch, Regional Development Agency, secondary vocational schools and the support of the local self-government. The contracts for the trainings were officially handed to the trainees during the employment fair held in Kraljevo in April 2016. What followed is a six-months practice at the employers facilities. The entire practice was mentored by the professors from the secondary vocational schools, in cooperation with the local stakeholders and monitored by Help. Already in October, nine employers resolutely expressed willingness to hire 13 trainees for a period of 12 months and pay salaries for them. They employers will receive the assistance within the project through in-kind grants worth 3,000 EUR per employee. Funds for the equipment are provided by the Swedish Agency Sida and the City of Kraljevo for 13 trainees (the City is o-financing 20% of the 10 grants value).

The „Poverty reduction and enhancement of employment opportunities of marginalized and vulnerable population groups with focus on Roma women in Serbia“ project is implemented by Help and financed by the Swedish International Development Agency Sida. The project worth 1.820.295,00 EUR is implemented from May 2014 until August 2017 in Leskovac, Kraljevo, Krusevac, Obrenovac, Pozarevac, Trstenik, Vladicin Han, Vlasotince and Vranje. The goal is integration of marginalized Roma and other socially vulnerable population groups and poverty reduction of the targeted groups. The specific goal of the project is to enable Roma women and youth access to the labour market.