In-kind grants awarded in the South-Eastern Serbia

In-kind grants awarded in the South-Eastern Serbia

Grant Contracts with the final clients in Svrljig, Pirot, Vranje and Leskovac signed during September

Help has started signing the grant contracts with the final clients to be supported within the project „Support to local sustainable development through poverty reduction and economic empowerment “implemented in fifteen cities and municipalities in Serbia.

Svrljig, September 10th, 2012
The first contracts with final clients were signed in Svrljig on September 10th. Out of 20 in-kind grants donated, the gender composition is in favour of men 14 of them and only 6 women.  The average age of the supported clients is 40 years. Half of the supported clients are dedicated to farming, cattle breeding and fruit growing. Crafts will do 6 clients, while 4 clients will provide services.

Pirot, September 10th, 2012
In the Municipality of Pirot 40 grants were awarded. Amongst signees there are 17 women and 23 men. The youngest client is 20 years old and the oldest is 55. The agriculture prevails in this municipality as well with the number of 28 clients. Services will provide 10 clients, and only 2 clients will do crafts.

Vranje, September 11th, 2012
In the City of Vranje, 40 grant recepients are from 30 to 40 years old. Gender participation of women amounts to 32,5 percents. The majority of clients supported in Vranje, even 60 percent, will provide services. The number of clients in the field of crafts is 15. There is one client who will be supported in beekeeping.

Leskovac, September 25th, 2012
After a few years cooperation in Leskovac has been re-established with this project. On September 25th, 40 grant contracts were signed in the City Assembly Hall. Average age of clients in Leskovac is 39, with gender participation of women amounting to 30 percent. The agriculture activities number is high and amounts to 80 percent of total number of supported clients. Only 8 clients will provide services in Leskovac. This is the third project cycle in Leskovac, and the total number of clients so far supported in this municipality thus climbed to 183 start-up businesses.