Application process open for in-kind grants

Application process open for in-kind grants

As part of Help’s project “Migration Management and Support for Return of Asylum Seekers“, funded under “German Cooperation”, an open call for proposals (focusing on returnees) to support the start-up and / or expansion of micro and small businesses by 31 March .

Equipment grants will support those individuals whose ideas for generating revenue have the most potential for their personal and empowering communities.

Below we provide a list of municipalities and cities, contact information of information centers providing advisory support and contacts of Help offices to which applications are sent with supporting documentation.

Help offices can be contacted every working day from 8am to 4pm.

The application forms and application process are completely free of charge.

PDF Help_Prijavni formular_Dohodovne_2019w

PDF Info centri_Spisak gradova i opština_2019w