Personal development through work engagement

Personal development through work engagement

In addition to the Special Prison Hospital and District Prison in Belgrade during June 2019, the cooperation agreements were signed with the Krusevac Correctional Facility for Juveniles and Correctional Facility in Nis and Correctional facility Padinska Skela beginning of July. The agreements were signed within the Help project “Support to socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans region 2019-2020”.

All activities are financed through the German Development Cooperation with the overall goal to improve the treatment programme in the correctional facilities for adults and juveniles and support to convicts and former convicts in the process of resocialization.

It is Help’s mission to support vulnerable groups, which convicts and former convicts are part of and help them to live independently in dignity.

Personal development through work engagement of the convicts is an especially important aspect of the assistance. The improvement of the convicts’ capacities and skills within the treatment programme impacts both individual and a system. Different possibilities for economic empowerment and improvement of professional and social skills give them better-starting position upon release, for every successful example means to the local communities and the society in general.

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