Socio-economic stability project in Kraljevo

Socio-economic stability project in Kraljevo

Its long-term cooperation with the local self-governments in Serbia Help is positioning on mutual goals of economic empowerment and social equality of the population and local communities for the people are in the focus of Help’s work.

Cooperation with Kraljevo dates back to the very beginning of 2000s through various projects and types of assistance provided to those in need. It counts 13 projects of economic empowerment through in-kind grants and 651 families providing for their families thanks to that support. Different housing solutions, reconstruction, prefabricated houses, construction material sets, for improvement of overall living conditions after the disasters were delivered to 168 families as well as over a dozen emergency assistance and small-scale projects.

In 2019 through the German Development Cooperation Help is implementing the project „Support to socio-economic stability in the Western Balkans 2019-2020“  providing 30 in-kind grants for economic empowerment and socio-economic stability.


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