Resocialization with Help

Resocialization with Help

What once was the pilot activity in 2014, the resocialization of convicts and improvement of the treatment program in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice’ Administration for Enforcement of Penal Sanctions is a regular component of several Help projects in a row.

Starting only with the equipment for the workshops in correctional facilities in Nis and Vranje, in 2019 more and more correctional facilities started receiving the equipment for wood, metal, printing and farming industries – so-called prison economies. With the equipment, a higher number of prisoners get a chance to be willingly engaged in work and learn life-long skills. Many of them finished occupational training and learned life-long crafts and skills while serving their sentence. And when they are released they will be able to provide themselves with the means for existential need thus reducing the need to get into a law offense again.

Visiting one of the largest correctional facilities in the country, the KPZ Sremska Mitrovica, German Ambassador in Serbia, H.E. Mr Thomas Schieb, said: “ I must admit that I am positively surprised because I’ve imagined a prison completely differently. This all is functioning so well that I am impressed. Strategic cooperation between the prison and Help enables convicts to be prepared for life after the prison which increases their chances for reintegration into society. It is a win-win situation, and I think this is one great story.”

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