Together for cleaner and greener environment

Together for cleaner and greener environment

More than 60 beneficiaries supported in Bela Palanka, Babusnica, Dimitrovgrad, Vladicin Han and Vranje, with their positive example of joint accomplishment, for the sake of sustainability, left a positive imprint in their midst.

In cooperation with local partners such as the Kunjak Sports Centre in Vladicin Han and Vranje Sports Hall, Help’s beneficiaries have arranged a swimming pool in Han and helped prepare for the new season. The canals were cleared in Vranje, the grass was removed from the promenade and the sidewalks of the sports centre. Or for example, at the Centre for development of local social welfare services in Vranje where Help beneficiaries socialize and assist the elderly and infirm.

Help’s long-term action and assistance to disadvantaged groups are reflected in the synergy of the various activities implemented through the projects. Given that our goal is the sustainable development and resilience of people and local communities through the principle of self-assistance, a large part of Help’s methodology is networking and learning through joint action by supported beneficiaries, with an emphasis on the importance of personal contribution.

For these reasons, Help’s beneficiaries, through the project “Poverty reduction through employment opportunities for Serbia’s EU accession” , supported by Sweden, make their contribution to the communities in which they live.

Community service is not a punishment but rather a reward, because we do good not only for ourselves but for others, for the benefit of our community, so that we can live together in better conditions, in a better


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