When possible Help is implementing so called “small-scale” projects with the financial support of the donor providing support to institutions and associations like schools and home/care centres and association gathered around people with disabilities. Such projects are being implemented once or twice a year and aim to facilitate living conditions by meeting the needs of the protégées of these institutions and associations thus make possible and easier their socialization.


  • 2013 – Therapeutic exercise programme’s equipment purchase for the Daily Care Center Mara in Nis in order to improve the quality of Mara’s beneficiaries’ lifes
  • 2012 – Improvement of the basic living conditions of the beneficiaries of the Center for development of the social care services in Vranje by reparation of bathrooms, toilets and the roof
  • 2012 – Improvement of living conditions of the most vulnerable population in the South Serbia
  • 2012 – Purchase of wheelchairs, special walkers and aluminium rods for the members of the Multiple sclerosis Association in Vranje
  • 2008 – Purchase of orthopaedic appliances and sports rehabilitation equipment for Cerebral and children paralysis city association in Nis
  • 2008 – Purchase of neuro-biofeedback device ProComp Infinity with software and physiological sensors for Daily hospital for children and adolescents of the Clinic for mental health protection and child and adolescents neuropsychiatry, Clinical Centre Nis
  • 2007 – Purchase of orthopaedic appliances, office equipment and material for art workshop for the Multiple sclerosis association Pcinja district, Vranje
  • 2007 – Provision of the apparatuses for the boarding school for deaf children and children with hearing problems, in Kragujevac
  • 2006 – Equipping elementary school “Radivoj Popovic” Zemun for children with hearing and speech difficulties by providing devices for speech and hearing improvement
  • 2005 -2006 – Winterization/Food distribution in the Adult Day Care Center “Male pčelice” Kragujevac providing care to refugees, internally displaced and socially vulnerable local population
  • 2005 – Social and economic integration of the children with progress difficulties and young with special needs by provision of the Braille terminal with display and software, for the daily care centre “Vivere”, Kragujevac
  • 2005 – Provision of the respirator for mechanical ventilation of the patients, Association of dystrophy disabled, Nis
  • 2005 – 2006 – Equipment procurement for the Boarding school Nis, washing machine and laundry dryer, mattresses, blankets and video beams; the school   is pre-school, elementary and secondary training, education and counselling for children and youth with hearing impairment, as well as for lodging of regular pupils.