European Union Assistance for Flood Relief in Serbia II

Duration: August 2015 – February 2017
Donor: European Union, IPA 2014
Budget: 2.699.754,42 EUR
Region: Republic of Serbia: Kraljevo, Lazarevac, Obrenovac, Svilajnac, Vladicin Han


Support the rehabilitation of the local communities in Serbia affected by the flood, through reconstruction and renovation of private houses. Specific objective of the project is to re-establish normal everyday life of the targeted beneficiaries after the floods.

  • Reconstruction of houses
  • Prefabricated houses
  • Income – generating activities

Expected results:

Basic living conditions restored for at least 277 families whose houses were severely damaged and / or claimed uninhabitable after the flood, through provision of construction material sets and 15 prefabricated houses furnished with basic furniture and appliances. Re-start of business activities for at least 220 affected small and medium enterprises and agriculture households most affected by the flood in the targeted municipalities and cities through provision of in-kind grants.