European Union assistance in response to the migrant/refugee crisis in Serbia

Duration: November 2015 – December 2016
Donor: European Union through Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia
Budget: 1.000.000,00 EUR
Region: Republic of Serbia, Bosilegrad, Pirot, Belgrade, Sid, Sombor, Presevo, Dimitrovgrad, Subotica, Sjenica, Tutin, Banja Koviljaca, Bogovadja

Target group:
Migrants/refugees travelling through Serbia
Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations,
Ministry of Labour, Employment,
Veteran and Social affairs,
Ministry of Interior

Overall objective of the project is to enhance the migrant/refugee reception capacity in the Republic of Serbia and enable compliance and protection of their basic human rights by securing reception conditions meet the minimum standards.
Specific objective of the project is to ensure safe and secure collective accommodation for migrants/refugees travelling through the Republic of Serbia as well as the basic service provision for migrants/refugees residing in reception/emergency assistance centres.

Two reception/temporary accommodation centres for migrants/refugees to be reconstructed/adapted in order to increase overall temporary accommodation capacity. In addition, Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations and the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs will be supported through the deployment of staff for proper centre management and provision of basic services including social and psychosocial assistance.

  • O1 – Targeted centres for the reception and accommodation of migrants/refugees rehabilitated/adapted and furnished to meet minimum standards and accommodation capacity increased for cca. 320 persons:
    1) Reception Centre Pirot (approx. 129,000 EUR spent for rehabilitation and provision of bed sets for the accommodation of cca. 250 persons) and
    2) Reception Centre Bosilegrad (approx. 86,000 EUR spent for refurbishing and equipping for the accommodation of cca.70 persons);
  • O2 – Targeted reception centres became fully operational (in average, 53 support staff engaged monthly (including 14 centre coordinators, 20 administrative staff, 3 translators and 16 hygiene maintenance workers ) and deployed to the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration for centre’s operations), total costs: 399.045,41 EUR;
  • O3 – Capacities of local Social Welfare Centres in targeted municipalities increased (in average 22 social workers engaged monthly and deployed to the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs to provide social and psychosocial services to the targeted beneficiaries), total costs: 125.788,65 EUR;
  • O4 – 320 additional bed sets distributed to Tutin and Sjenica Asylum Centres, total costs: 31.435,09 evra;
  • O5 – 6 containers delivered and installed in Reception Centre Sombor, total costs: 30.837,26 EUR;
  • 06 – Representatives of Ministry of Interior and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration provided with the accommodation and meals on the migration route through Serbia during their actions related to reception and sheltering: 184 overnights covered (including breakfast), 10,561 meals covered, total costs 33.301,44 EUR.