Glass processing line for the Correctional Institution in Valjevo

Within the “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” project Help officially delivered equipment for the line processing of the glass for the PVC and ALU joinery production workshop in the Correctional Institution Valjevo, on 25th November 2016.

Purchase and installation of the equipment worth 40.000,00 EUR for this workshop, with the Correctional Institution co-financing of 50 percent, will additionally be backed up with the professional trainings for the convicts as well as the employees of the Institution.

The project component’ aim is to improve the treatment programmes, preserving the mental and physical health of the convicts during the execution of the penalty. Thus, respecting the human rights, protecting the vulnerable categories, wider application of alternative sanctions further increases the efficiency of the treatment, training and education of convicts and prevents, in the long run, return to criminal acts providing new opportunities.

This project component is in line with the “Strategy for development of the system for execution of criminal sanctions in the Republic of Serbia by 2020” as well as with the “National judicial reform strategy for the period 2013-2018” and other government priorities in this area.

The project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” is implemented by the organization Help with the financial assistance of the German Government, from June 2016 until end of December 2017.