Help and Zajecar support micro businesses

The organization Help and the City of Zajecar began cooperation on joint support to micro businesses development project by signing the cooperation agreement mid of July 2016. The project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” financed by the German government and co-financed by the target cities is being implemented from June 2016 until the end of December 2017.
The common goal of the Zajecar and Help cooperation is to support the relevant local and national strategies, identify and network partners and stakeholders with emphasis on micro and small enterprises and creation of new jobs.
For that reason, 2400 EUR in-kind grants, in average, are the feature of the project of support to micro and small businesses. In order to provide sustainability of the at least 30 businesses in Zajecar, in addition to the equipment, final beneficiaries will receive business and vocational trainings to further strengthen the supported businesses. Mayor Ognjenovic said that the co-financing 40% of direct costs is a “good investment for the City and its citizens”.
Help programme manager Masa Bubanj pointed out that this type of assistance is implemented in line with Help methodology approved by the donors. “Recently conducted impact analysis confirms that 74 percent of Help beneficiaries supported in Serbia since 2002 is still operational” said Bubanj.
Between 1999 and 2016 Help supported in Serbia over 6000 families with in-kind grants for employment and self-employment, establishment of 24 cooperatives/associations, provided housing solutions to over 1000 families of refugees, internally displaced and socially vulnerable population, all through implementing numerous humanitarian activities and projects. Total value of all Help activities in Serbia amounts to 40 million Euros.