Help continues cooperation with KPZ Nis – printing shop for reintegration

In 2014 Help began activities towards re-socialization and reintegration of convicts, part of the vulnerable population groups, said South Serbia Programme Manager, Masa Bubanj, at the cooperation agreement signing with the Correctional Institution Nis (KPZ Nis).
Warden Aleksandar Grbovic expressed gratitude for donation explaining that existing machinery is obsolete “With the new latter-day printing equipment we will be able to engage between 20 and 30 people in the printing shop, instead of only ten currently working with machinery over 40 years old ” said Grbovic.
In addition to the printing equipment, the agreement envisages business and vocational trainings for convicts and KPZ Nis employees, in-kind grants for 16 convicts from the Republic of Serbia, after serving sentence, including psycho-social support for them and their families, in cooperation with the Nis Center for Human Rights.
Overall goal of the project is improvement of the execution of the criminal sanctions system and post-penal treatment, i.e. re-socialization and reintegration of convicts into community. Employing the alternative sanctions the treatment efficiency, vocational training and work engagement of the convicts are being increased, thus in the long-term preventing the return to criminal activities.
With vocational trainings and work engagement the convicts have better treatment during imprisonment, they are better prepared for the post-penal period, they have vocational training certificate, gain necessary work experience and have better chances for employment after the sentence.
Project component dealing with re-socialization is being conducted within the project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” with the financial assistance of the German Government and partner penal-correctional facilities Nis, Sremska Mitrovica and Valjevo. The 454.400,00 EUR worth project in cooperation with the target cities and institutions is implemented by Help from June 2016 until end of December 2017.