Help equipped the metal workshop in the Correctional Institution Sremska Mitrovica

Help officially handed over the tools worth 5 million dinars to the metal workshop for production of agriculture machinery in the Correctional Institution Sremska Mitrovica on February 1st 2017. The equipment for production of tractor trailers, gauge wheels, harrows, ploughs/tillage and other farming machinery was purchased and installed within the project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II”.

Further joint activities within the project will focus on the vocational trainings for the convicts i.e. bakers, welders, locksmiths and other job profiles based on the needs of the Correctional Institution. Vocational trainings and work engagement allow the convicted person gain necessary experience, valid certification for the acquired skills, and obtain a better treatment during the penalty execution and preparation for the post penal treatment.

There are also in-kind grants foreseen for 16 former convicts from the territory of Serbia aimed at creating new jobs and development of start-up businesses and entrepreneurship to further prevent the criminal activities’ recidivism. In cooperation with the correctional facilities involved in the project, Help will select potential beneficiaries based on the applications received, social and economic criteria, viability and sustainability of the proposed idea. The selected beneficiaries, together with their family members, will also receive psycho-social trainings by the project partner with required expertise in this area, the Centre for Human Rights Nis .

The project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia II” is implemented by Help with co-financing of the targeted cities and institutions with the donor assistance of the German Government from June 2016 until end of 2017.