International Human Rights Day 10th December

Help supported beneficiaries, lawyers and attorneys, within the project “Poverty reduction adn employment opportunities enhancement of marginalized and vulnerable population groups in Serbia” used the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, 10th of December, to perform community service with regard to the free legal aid to the recipients of the social welfare and members of vulnerable groups (a free legal aid is one of the requirements for Serbia’s progress in the EU accession negotiations) in the period from 10th until 22nd December 2016.

Over 30 citizens, unemployed, single parents, pensioners, students, addressed their issues concerning mostly debts to the public utility companies, prolonged legal procedures, inspection services and work, high public notary service charges, but also family violence and divorce issues, mobbing, labour related legal issues, and some convicts rights.

The organization “Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe” has been committed to providing prompt, sustainable and long-term aid and support to the people in need worldwide, respecting the right of everyone to life, liberty and security regardless of gender, political or religious values and beliefs.

The Centre for Human Rights Nis is committed to accomplishment, improvement, development and monitoring of human rights, promotion of civil society basic values, fight against discrimination, intolerance and racism.

Association MIC – Medijski istrazivacki centar Nis (Media Research Centre Nis) is committed to the achievment of the goals in the field of the free and investigative journalism and photojournalism, respect of the code of the ethics of journalists and protection of the public from media malpractice.