More in-kind grant beneficiaries in Vladicin Han

Within the project „Poverty reduction and enhancement of employment opportunities of marginalized and vulnerable population groups with focus on Roma women in Serbia” Help signed 32 more grant contracts for in-kind grants for employment in Vladicin Han on 24th February 2017. The Municipality contributed with cca 40,000 Euro in the total value of 1,8 million euro project financed by the Swedish International Development Agency Sida.

On behalf of the Municipality the signing attended Deputy President Vladimir Kostic, and contracts were handed to the beneficiaries by Help Vranje Head of Office Bane Stanojkovic. Thirteen beneficiaries will receive the equipment in the average value of 1,500 Euro, and 2,400 Euro grants in equipment will be delivered to 14 beneficiaries. The statistics says there are 19 men and 8 women and the majority are dealing with the services, 18 beneficiaries, followed by six agriculture activities and only three crafts (waste collectors, stonemason, cosmeticians, musicians, etc.).

Based on the Municipal 1 million dinar contribution, there are five beneficiaries of three 2,400 Euro grants and two beneficiaries of 1,500 Euro grants for agriculture machinery and a greenhouse. Hence total number of beneficiaries supported within this project alone in Vladicin Han totals 95 individuals provided with assets to secure regular income.

Since 2014 Help has been cooperating with the Municipality of Vladicin Han on the implementation of the self-employment programmes. Consequently total amount of the Help support with the donor assistance amounts to over 600,000 Euro, for 117 beneficiaries of in-kind grants for micro and small businesses, and nine prefabricated houses within the EU project.