Employment support in Bujanovac

Employment support in Bujanovac continues – Cooperation agreement signed In the Municipality of Bujanovac office of the President a cooperation agreement have been signed between the Municipality and the German organization Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. The agreement envisages cooperation on the project “Creation of new employment opportunities in the South Serbia” financed by the Foundation Caritas Luxembourg. Within this joint effort at least 31 beneficiaries will be supported thus enabling creation of new jobs, i.e. employment of the socially vulnerable population from Bujanovac. Individual in-kind grants, value 1500 Euros each. Those applicants who pass two-phase selection and sign Grant contract are obliged to register proposed activity in line with the Serbian legislation, attend business and vocational trainings, perform 15 hours of community service as well as repay 10% of the grant value. The result of the so far 9 project cycles implemented in cooperation with the Bujanovac is 255 small businesses successfully generating income for their families at the local market. Part of the project activity to be implemented in Bujanovac is worth 92.500,00 EUR, out of which the Municipality is co-financing the amount of 13.850,00 Eur. The cooperation agreement signed Mr. Nagip Arifi, President of Bujanovac and Ms. Masa Bubanj, South Serbia Programme Manager. Information campaign is to start within a month and the schedule of prezentations will soon be available online.