Nis and Help continue support

The City of Nis and Help continue supporting self-employment

The fifth cooperation agreement has been signed between the City of Nis and the organization Help on the project “Poverty reduction and employment opportunities enhancement of marginalized and vulnerable population in Serbia”. The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Zoran Perisic and Help’ Regional Coordinator Mr. Klaus Mock.

Mr. Mock emphasized that this agreement is the basis for responsible partner cooperation with regard to the efficient implementation and achievement of the results.

The realization period spans from May 2013 until the end of 2016 throughout which in Nis will be supported the establishment of three cooperatives each receiving the equipment worth 15.000,00 EUR, as well as at least 83 beneficiaries supported with in-kind grants i.e. 41 grants per 2.400,00 EUR, and 42 grants per 1.200,00 EUR .

In addition to the in-kind grants there will be organized 27 theme workshops on active employment and entrepreneurship development with networking activities for unemployed. Besides, 211 unemployed will have additional professional education and vocational trainings for 135 unemployed Roma and other vulnerable population groups.

Help has so far, in Nis only, realized four poverty reduction projects supporting three cooperatives and 334 beneficiaries. Total number of supported in Serbia since 2002 reached 4810 out of which over 80 percent works diligently and create values in their’ respective communities.

Beginning of September a schedule of information meetings will be available for all interested to attend and receive the application forms as well as other details on registering procedures.