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Creation of new employment

Creation of new employment opportunities in South Serbia

June 2013 – December 2014 – Ongoing

Donor: Caritas Luxembourg, Bujanovac, Vranje

Budget: 185.000,00 EUR

Duration: June 2013 – December 2014

Region: Republic of Serbia – the Municipality of Bujanovac, the City of Vranje

The project is implemented by the organization Help through the office in Bujanovac

Description: The project is to support the development and promotion of employment and self-employment as a tool for inclusion of the targeted groups into the active labour force of the country.

Raising the educational level and strengthening the competences of poor and marginalized populations will improve their position in the labour market. Focusing on long-term solutions the income-generation activities have proven to be one of the best suitable tools to enable the vulnerable population to sustain an acceptable standard of living based on their own resources.

Expected results:

  • Established and supported 62 businesses
  • Direct beneficiaries 62 (Bujanovac and Vranje 31 respectively)
  • Indirect beneficiaries 248 (average 4 family members)
  • At least 30% of supported beneficiaries coming from the Roma community
  • The 62 supported have improved start-up businesses related knowledge and skills attending business and vocational trainings
  • Improved economic and social position of the supported beneficiaries
  • Reduced unemployment and poverty within the target group

The overall objective of the program is creation of new employment opportunities in the South Serbia.

The specific objective of the intervention is to support 62 beneficiaries from disadvantaged backgrounds in creation of micro and small enterprises in the Municipality of Bujanovac and the City of Vranje.

eded in the local market will result in improved qualifications, competence and competitiveness of the targeted population segments in the labor market.