Public, private and civil sector cooperation

Mayor of Nis, Zoran Perisic, Clean Earth Capital CEO, Philip Bay, Help Regional Coordinator, Klaus Mock and President of Yurom Centre, Osman Balic signed a Memorandum of understanding in the Nis City Hall.

"It is necessary to take measures that will help implementation of employment and self-employment stimulation." said Nis Mayor, Zoran Perisic.

Help Regional Coordinator, Klaus Mock, emphasized the importance of public, private and civil sectors synergy. "By combining all our forces we shall be able to significantly influence the improvement of life of the people in Nis." said Mock.

Memorandum includes joint activities on improvement of the vulnerable population position, and represents the result of a positive dialogue and previous cooperation of the signatory parties. Activities envisaged within the Memorandum are in line with the relevant national and local development documents and strategies of the Republic of Serbia and aims at supporting the process of sustainable development as a whole.

"At the beginning of the second Decade of Roma, and after the approval of the National Strategy for Roma, that is one of the examples how other local self-governments can implement their plans. ", said Osman Balic, Yurom Centre President.

Private sector is not only focused on making profit. According to the CEO of the Clean Eearth Capital, Philip Bay companies have a task to maintain the high level of corporate social responsibility. "We are not here just to make profit. We are here to do something good and to leave that good to a wider community."