Reconstruction and equipment for health centres

Subotica Health Centre Ward for women and children health care is under reconstruction of joinery, and the ER received ambulance vehicle fully equipped, while the new ultrasound delivery is expected in the following days. Total value of the donation to the Health Centre Subotica is 109.500,00 EUR.
Help Regional Coordinator for Montenegro and Serbia, Klaus Mock, German Embassy’ First Secretary for Economic Cooperation Jürgen Schmid and Minister for Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin, visited this ward and used to opportunity to hand in the keys to the ambulances to Health Centres Subotica, Sid and Kanjiza.

“From August 2015 until end of February 2016, with the assistance of the German Government, Help realized humanitarian assistance in the amount of 1.6 million Euros” said Klaus Mock.

First Secretary Schmid said that was nice to see all things done in the Health Centre Subotica, and that he was pleased that Embassy participated. “It is especially important when we celebrate 15 years of development cooperation and we are very proud of the 1.6 billion EUR provided in that period, said Schmid.

“People in Sombor, Kanjiza, Sid and Subotica were good, honorable people during the migrant crisis. People who understand suffering and are willing to help others. This is a way to say thank you to them and to show how much it is worth to be a good person and help others in need ” said Minister Vulin.

Six health centres in Serbia receives the assistance in reconstruction/renovation of their facilities within the Help project, as well as medical equipment and one fully equipped ambulance vehicle per centre. In addition, reconstruction/renovation of two migrant refugees temporary reception centres are envisaged by the project, that will be entrusted to the local communities once the need for their initial purpose is ended.
The project goal is to increase temporary accommodation capacity and provision of medical care not only to migrants, but in the long-term to the local population through reconstruction/renovation of health care facilities, provision of ambulance vehicles and medical equipment. All works will be finished until the end of April 2016.