Service for the benefit of the local community

Help beneficiaries within the Sida funded project “Poverty reduction and enhancement of employment opportunities of marginalized and vulnerable population groups with focus on Roma women in Serbia” in Krusevac and Pozarevac used the third week of March to perform the community services for the benefit of their local commune.

Hence in Krusevac on the 21st of March, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, as well as the International Day of Forests, a group of 20 Help beneficiaries (10 Roma and 10 non-Roma) was organized to mark these events by planting the trees.

The action of planting 15 evergreen and 10 deciduous trees (bedding plants were supplied by the public company “Srbija Sume”) was organized in the yards of the school and one of the oldest preschools “Kolibri” in Gornji Stepos settlement in Krusevac.

A number of beneficiaries supported in Pozarevac performed their share of community service within the Pozarevac Historical Archives, a cultural institution for preservation of documentary material and archival content of cultural heritage of the Branicevo County dating from XVII to XX century, assisted in sorting out the archive. While the rest of them worked on maintaining the Sports centre swimming pool area (they prepared and painted the fence).

Through this activity Help beneficiaries reminded public that only united in tolerance and respecting environment we inhabit, we can thrive in a better future.

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