Poverty reduction in the South Serbia

Mr Bane Stanojkovic, from the Help office in Bujanovac, presented the results of the project Poverty reduction in the South Serbia, in the premises of Caritas Luxemburg Foundation in Vranje. The project worth 100.000 EUR, implemented by Help, and financed by the Caritas Luxemburg and co-financed by the City of Vranje and the Municipality of Bujanovac, started in May 2012 and will end until June 2013. Opening new jobs through the support of 47 small businesses, along with mandatory business and vocational trainings were the main project activities focused on the sustainable development and improvement of the living conditions of the population in the South. Within this project in Vranje has been supported in total 11 clients, out of which four are devoted to the agriculture activities, two are engaged in crafts and 5 in services. In Bujanovac were supported 36 clients, out of which 13 belong to the Roma population. Based on the activity type there are 20 agriculture, 9 services and 7 engaged in crafts. Supported clients performed their obligations like legal registration of activities, repayment of 10 percent of the grant value, and have successfully completed business and vocational trainings. Currently, the process of monitoring is in the progress until the end of the project cycle. U toku je monitoring podržanih klijenata u okviru ovog projekta.