Support to micro businesses in Leskovac

Within the project “Support to micro businesses in Serbia” 12 more grant agreements on equipment for start-up businesses were signed in Leskovac. Signing the 2.400,00 EUR worth grant contracts three women and nine men will receive equipment for their crafts and service businesses. They are obliged to register the business activity in accordance with the law, attend business trainings, perform community service and repay 20 percent of the grant value.
In addition to the in-kind grant, they will be supported with the professional advisory assistance through business and vocational trainings for the sake of micro and small businesses’ sustainability, and mentoring throughout the project cycle.
These 12 beneficiaries add up to the previously supported 18 thus completing the project planned quota of 30 for support in Leskovac.

Project is financed by the German Government and co-financed by the targeted cities and municipalities. Total value of the project amounts to 274.800,00 EUR, project value for Leskovac amounts to 86.779,00 EUR with the City co-financing in the amount of 28.800,00 EUR. Thanks to the donor support Help has so far implemented 700.000,00 EUR worth projects in Leskovac