Support to micro businesses in Serbia II

Duration: June 2016 – October 2017
Donor: German Government, co-financed by the targeted cities/municipalities
Budget: 259.400,00 EUR
Region: Republic of Serbia: Pirot, Zajecar, Valjevo


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable development in Serbia with the main focus on the empowerment of micro businesses and contribute to the better resocialization of the ex-convicts. The specific objectives of the intervention are:
1. Direct job creation through educational and economic support to 60 micro businesses and one Roma construction cooperative
2. Improvement of the treatment programmes aimed at preserving the mental and physical health of the convicts during the execution of penalty

Expected results:
  • Enhancing the development of sustainable local economy, especially entrepreneurship structures,
  • Facilitation of the implementation of local sustainable development strategies and relevant action plans,
  • Promoting local democratization processes by close co-operation and networking between all actors,
  • Contributing to reducing of the unemployment rate through new jobs created by the micro businesses supported,
  • Enhancing the professional and business skills of the supported clients,
  • Improvement of the conditions in the prisons including improvement of the treatment programmes,
  • Raising the living standards of the marginalised population groups and applying new mechanisms to create additional jobs,
  • Poverty reduction in targeted areas.

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