Duration: January 2017 – June 2018

Donor: German Federal Foreign Office (AA)

Budget: 550.002,00 EUR

Region: Republic of Serbia – Belgrade, Kikinda, Sombor

Target group: refugees, asylum seekers, migrants


The project goal is to ensure adequate living conditions by meeting the food and other emergency needs of migrants in Serbia and strengthen the capacity of the Serbian Red Cross and Commissariat for Refugees.


In close cooperation with the Serbian Red Cross, distribution of fresh food for cooked meals and various non-food items to migrants/refugees accommodated in the Reception Centres in Kikinda and Sombor is foreseen. Moreover, due to the constant increase of the number of refugees in the centres, provision of necessary equipment such are washing/drying machines for laundry, various kitchen equipment, bed sets, et. Is planned. In support of Red Cross of Serbia, lease of the central storage in Belgrade will be financed through the project.

Three major outputs are expected based on the project objectives:

O1 – regular meals and non-food items provided for at least 1200 migrants for 18 months, which is at least 414600 meals provided through the supply and distribution of fresh food for the kitchens of Red Cross in Sombor and Kikinda for the preparation of regular cooked meals for at least 100 migrants accommodated daily in Reception centre in Sombor and at least 250 migrants accommodated daily in the Reception Centre in Kikinda for 11 months.

Supply and distribution of hygiene items, clothing, footwear and bed linen for at least 100 migrants accommodated daily in Reception Centres in Sombor for 18 months and 250 migrants in Kikinda for 11 months;

O2 – capacity of RCS in provision of assistance to migrants increased by adequate warehouse of 450m2 humanitarian aid storage (central warehouse of food and clothing) in Belgrade provided for 12 months of project implementation;

O3 – living conditions improved in at least one reception/asylum centre in Serbia through supply and installation of equipment necessary for normal functioning of the reception/asylum centre. Equipment selected in cooperation with the Commissariat for refugees and migrations based on the centres’ needs (washing machines, dryers, equipment for dining room, cupboards, heaters, etc.) for at least 300 migrants to benefit from this component.